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Yanmar in Ibiza & Formentera

Motonautica Ibiza is the Yanmar Master Dealer for the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. We have an extensive stock of spare parts for the entire range of Yanmar diesel inboard engines. Our technical team is specially prepared to meet all your Yanmar engine needs. Check out our special repowering offers.
With  a strong reputation in the marine industry, Yanmar Marine has earned the trust of boaters and owners around the world thanks to the quality, efficiency and reliability of its diesel engines and propulsion systems. YANMAR common rail marine engines set global standards in performance, efficiency and endurance. Yanmar offers cutting-edge technology as standard across the range. It focuses on your comfort and safety, and a low overall engine cost, while delivering exceptional power and speed.
At Yanmar they are relentless in innovating and keeping their common rail marine engines the best in their class in five key aspects: clean, interconnected, quiet, powerful and fuel efficient. These are vital for owners and operators of YANMAR powered vessels. Its products are known for their advanced technology, offering optimal performance and lower environmental impact, based on the 5x Best in Class philosophy:

Cleanliness: Exceeding strict global emissions standards for virtually odor and smoke-free operation.

Interconnectivity: Exclusively designed to integrate with the latest electronics and multi-function displays for advanced engine monitoring and control.

Quiet: Leverages cutting-edge technology to create extremely low vibration and noise levels.

Power: Delivers exceptionally responsive performance and control due to superior torque levels.

Fuel efficiency: Minimize consumption and optimize performance with precise, digitally controlled fuel injection.